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4/4 Gems 1 Violins - Starting at $548

Tip: For an adult who is truly motivated and serious about walking on this difficult but beautiful and rewarding path of learning how to play the violin, it’s very important to choose a very good quality violin from the beginning. We recommend the Gems 1 level at least. That is because adult players make much faster progress than kids, and if they start with a basic beginner's violin, they will outgrow it very quickly. A good violin is going to represent something of an investment for an adult. It’s not an investment that is measured in money only; the quality of the time spent with the violin and the level of satisfaction while and after a practice session are main factors that go into the formula used to measure the return on the investment. The violin will become a life partner, and the hours spent to discover the "sweet spots" on your violin will be longer and longer. You and your instrument of choice are going to spend a long time together making beautiful music. And now you will smile, thinking that we are crazy, but... when you travel, you will miss your violin (in case you left it home). It's all true! You will see. :-)