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Intermediate Cello Bow | Premium Carbon Fibre Round Cello Bow

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Intermediate Cello Bow | Premium Carbon Fibre Round Cello Bow

- Carbon fiber

- Round stick

- Full lined ebony frog with Parisienne Eye

◆ ADVANCED PERFORMANCE - The bow is made by an experienced bow-maker. Provides a warm and clear tone and is recommended for beginners, intermediate level and advanced players.

◆ GOOD-QUALITY CARBON FIBER - The stick is stronger and more durable than wooden bows. Very suitable as a backup bow or practise bow. It has good bounce and great flexibility. It's also a lightweight bow, close to 80 grams. Very easy to play and manoeuvre.

◆ NATURAL HORSEHAIR - We use unbleached Mongolian horsehair for this model, aiming for great resilience.

◆ PERFECT BALANCE POINT - Great balance point makes the bow easier to control. Our maker always adjusts it for several times to ensure its point is in the right range.

◆ CAREFULLY HANDMADE - The bow is totally made with traditional handcraft skills. Straight stick, clean work, ready to play.