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Paperback Format - The Violin Festival in the Enchanted Forest - A Magical Journey in the World of Music, Written and Illustrated by Cami Gliga

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The Violin Festival in the Enchanted Forest - A Magical Journey in the World of Music, Written and Illustrated by Cami Gliga


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The Violin Festival in the Enchanted Forest was a magical gathering of talented animal musicians from around the world.  It was a celebration of music that created a sense of unity,  joy and wonder among the performers and the audience. 

The violin festival highlighted the remarkable versatility of the violin,  which lends itself to a wide range of music genres. 

The captivating beauty of the violin's melodies and its ability to express diverse emotions left an indelible imprint on the hearts and souls of everyone in attendance.  The delightful music resonated deeply with each listener,  creating a lasting and profound impact. 

  • Chapter 1 introduces us to Herbert - the hippopotamus,  and his son,  Henry,  who delighted the audience with their violin duet. A skilled acrobat, Herbert even performed on a unicycle while playing the violin. 
  • Chapter 2 takes us to the Blue Lake stage,    where the Frog Trio from Argentina enchanted everyone with their rhythmic and upbeat music.    
The trio consists of a frog on drums, one on guitar and vocals, and a third frog on violin. The audience couldn't resist dancing along to their captivating melodies. 
  • Chapter 3 features a feline family of accomplished violinists, Felix and Bella,   accompanied by their adorable daughter, Luna. Wearing matching pink outfits,   they showcased their violin talents, creating a heartwarming moment of familial love and musical beauty.
  • Chapter 4 brings a touch of classical music with Friedrich and Fritz, two talented crickets from Germany. Their baroque duets, performed on violins, transported the audience to a land of dreams and peace. 
  • Chapter 5 introduces a Jazz band from Montana, including Mr. Rabbit on piano, Mr.  Raccoon on drums, Mr.  Bear on double bass, Mr.  Owl on guitar, and Mrs. Fox as the lead singer. Mrs. Bear,  a renowned violinist,  showcased her talent as the main act.  Jazz music infused the air with its vibrant rhythms,  improvisation,  and the band's harmonious collaboration. 
  • Chapter 6, the magical finale, features four young musicians from Vancouver, Canada: a bear on the saxophone, a badger on the clarinet, a moose on the electric guitar,   and a rabbit on the fiddle. Their fusion of folk, Celtic and Klezmer music created an electrifying performance. A lone wolf, harmonizing from a distant hilltop, added an ethereal touch to the enchanting atmosphere.  

"The Violin Festival in the Enchanted Forest" serves as a great educational source for students learning music and equally inspires teachers to share it with their students. It offers valuable lessons, such as:

  1. The versatility of the violin: The book highlights the wide range of music genres that can be played on the violin, showcasing its adaptability and inviting students to explore different styles.
  2. Expressing emotions through music: The captivating melodies of the violin leave an indelible imprint on the hearts and souls of listeners, emphasizing the power of music to convey diverse emotions.
  3. Collaboration and unity: The festival brings together musicians from different backgrounds and species, demonstrating the beauty of collaboration and fostering a sense of unity among performers and the audience.
  4. Cultural diversity: Through the representation of various musical styles and traditions, the book celebrates the rich tapestry of global music, exposing students to different cultures and promoting appreciation for diversity.
  5. Inspirational performances: The remarkable talents displayed by the animal musicians inspire students to pursue their own musical aspirations, encouraging creativity, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence.

"The Violin Festival in the Enchanted Forest" is an enchanting and educational book that ignites a passion for music, expands horizons, and instills a deep appreciation for the transformative power of music in the hearts of students and teachers alike.