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Gliga Violins Canada
18-636 Clyde Ave.
West Vancouver, BC V7T 1E1


Gliga Violins Canada, an established violin shop in Vancouver, offers a large selection of European made violins, for all skill levels, from beginners to intermediate and advanced players. We carry a large inventory of violins, in all standard sizes, from 1/32 size for 3 year olds to 4/4 size for adults.

Gliga violins are a brand of stringed instruments, primarily violins, that are known for their quality craftsmanship and affordability. The violins are named after the Romanian luthier Vasile Gliga, who founded the Gliga workshop in Reghin, Romania.

Gliga violins are often praised for their excellent sound quality, playability, and overall value for money. They are handmade by skilled craftsmen in Romania using traditional methods and high-quality materials. The Gliga instruments are crafted from solid, aged tonewoods such as spruce for the top plate and maple for the back, sides, and neck.

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12 of 58 Items